As an agency that offers social media services, we get asked a lot about best practices and what the value of social media is. No matter who is doing your social media, it isn’t going to be free. Signing up for your accounts is free and we’ve got a few free tips below that you can implement, but really leveraging each social media platform comes with costs.

It takes time to learn the best practices for each social media platform and to reach your audience, it’ll probably require an advertising budget to have an effective campaign. This isn’t to say you can’t make the most of the free features, but be mindful of the potential resource-drain managing social can have on your team’s time. Some of the top viral campaigns have been outsourced because they needed to find the social media marketing specialist who really understands it.

Check out this quick video with 10 tips for businesses using social media. They are all free and you can implement them immediately. Stop and pause if you need to take notes or to go get them done:

Social Media Tip #1: Size your Pictures properly for each platform.  

Use tools like Canva or Pablo to create images that will fit, as they both have pre-set dimensions for social media sites.

Feel free to use this updated list of current sizes of images for each social media platform and these best practices for Pinterest Images.

Social Media Tip #2: Check Out Your Competition

Look at what your competitors are doing. See what they are doing, learn what is good and bad – look at the number of comments based on the type of posts they are putting up. Keep in mind, they might not be doing social media well at all. This could show that the door of opportunity is wide open in your niche. The bottom line, take a closer look at what your competition is up to on social media.

Social Media Tip #3: Stay Consistent

Whether you are going to post every week or every day, keep to the schedule. Try to choose a schedule that you know is feasible to maintain. Use a social media calendar to help keep you plan the content ahead of time and use social media scheduling and posting tools to keep your content on time.

Social Media Tip #4: Don’t Post and Run

Even though the last point suggested a scheduling or posting tool, don’t avoid logging in to each of the social media platforms and do the little things that show you’re being social. Like comments and other posts, follow people and show that your page is active. This is how you organically grow your engagement, reputation and following.

Social Media Tip #5: Ask For Help

If you feel like your social media is too much to handle, find out what your options are; do you need a freelancer, social media agency or possibly a new hire? Learn what is the best way to have someone help with your social media presence. This tip isn’t free when you follow through with it (more on this below), but will allow you to start figuring out what your intentions for social media are.

Social Media Tip #6: Turn Your Audience into Email Subscribers

Capture leads using a free version of email marketing software, such as ConvertKit, or Active Campaign to start turning your social followers into email subscribers. Having a social audience is fantastic, yet for most businesses, it’s still not as powerful as delivering a message straight to someone’s inbox.

Social Media Tip #7: Use a Clear Call to Action

Follow Us! Use a call-to-action. Be direct. Encourage people to follow, go to your website, join your newsletter or buy your product. You’ve got to ask.

Social Media Tip #8: Use your One Instagram Link Wisely

Use your Instagram link wisely – send your traffic to a page that is part of your funnel. can help give you more options in your Instagram profile, but remember that it creates one more click before someone will get to your website.

Social Media Tip #9: Give People a Reason to Follow You

Give people a reason to follow you – it can be as simple as your posting consistency or adding value by giving tips. Just like you have a unique reason for someone to work with you, have a specific reason that your social content will be worth their while. Teach through tips, be entertaining, and/or explain the world through your perspective. Make it your own and you’ll attract the right type of followers.

Social Media Tip #10: Link Back to your Website

If you’re doing a post on Facebook or LinkedIn, include a link that goes to a page on your website that gives more information or can capture a lead.

Simple Social Media Tips with 323 Media Group - Super Social Media

Social Media Isn’t Free

The hidden cost of Social Media (and being good at it) is in the time and money it takes to be an expert and really leverage each platform to help accomplish your marketing goals. Social Media Management is a top outsourced task for good reason. Most companies suck at social media because there’s a lot to figure out and few companies can put the resources into having those experts in house.

Social Media isn’t FREE – it’s free to sign-up for your accounts, and it’s free to start posting… but to maximize each platform it takes knowledge and skills:

  • Social Media takes time and budget to create the best assets. The best opportunity is to learn and/or leverage knowledge.
  • Paid Content to reach the right people with your offer will help you grow and get new leads or sales. Control when people see your promotion.

If you’re looking to grow your knowledge of social media and how to make the most of social media for your business, check out our online course at Super Social Media.

If you’re looking for help managing your social media or looking to do social media marketing, get in touch with us, we’re here to help you reach your marketing goals.

These social media tips can easily be applied today and our team is ready to help. We work with businesses to take social media off their plate. Profile Optimization, Management, Community Engagement and Advertising are all within our service pages. Check it out and request a free social media audit from our team.