Super Social Media:

Business Foundations for Social.

Developed initially as a team resource after years of working with clients, training new staff and offering the same set of marketing services.  One of the unique opportunities we have been given is to speak about the topic we love, marketing and train more organizations on how to achieve their marketing goals.  We’ve found that our on-going training is great to keep your team informed and using the best practices for your company.

Welcome to our academy.

If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, this is perfect for you.  These courses are the training ground that our agency’s team goes through before working directly with clients.  You truly are getting a marketing agency bootcamp by hosting one of these packages for your marketing team.  Everyone is invited, in fact, the best feedback we’ve received have often been from sales people and accounting.  Knowing what your marketing department is doing helps refine your sales skills and learn about how to work prospects.  Accounting departments have more confidence in what your spending your dollars on and can be your biggest cheerleader when you show the ROI.

We love working with clients,

so why are we offering these workshops?

We found that many companies and individuals are stuck in one of three situations:


You want to improve your marketing and branding but don’t have the budget to work with an agency (bootstrapping the marketing is how we got started too)


You’re ready to launch a new product and want to get a better understanding of marketing best practices without going back to school, hiring someone new or committing a monthly retainer (after all you’re just getting ready to start).


You’ve got a marketing budget that’s becoming a little to much for you to handle and you’re looking to off load your marketing responsibilities to either an agency, to hire a full time person or add additional people to your team (but managing them seems like just as much work)

No matter the situation, this knowledge bank will be able to help. Get agency training without the commitment to a large budget or retainer. We’re here if you need the full-service, concierge experience, but we’ve found that we’re turning away too many folks because of one or more of the situations above. We believe every organization deserves better marketing, this is how we’re making an impact.

Who this course is for


This online course is designed to serve a few purposes and has been designed to accomplish all of these with one standardized curriculum. If you fit one of the following categories, the Super Social Media course is for you.

You are a part of the marketing team at 323 Media – yes, this is the start of your formal training. This course allows us to keep everyone aligned and delivering our standard operating procedures.
You are a business owner who is currently handling your own social media and online presence. You understand the value of leveraging social media but would like to know that the efforts you’re making are the best use of your time.
You’re responsible for a marketing team that is managing social media for your company and you want to ensure your team is following best practices and operating as an in-house agency, delivering on your company’s values.

Who this isn’t for


This course is not for someone interested in getting rich tomorrow and just making a sale. Super Social Media builds brands, reputation and market share.

This isn’t your get-rich shortcut and we would much rather be up front about that. You won’t hear outlandish success stories, heroic claims, or a magic secret. This course is filled with the top practices that we use to manage our clients’ social media as a part of their overall marketing strategy.

Setting Expectations

The pace of the course is designed to provide an applicable weekly module. To some, it might feel like there’s not enough content, while others might be underwater. We have seen it all over the spectrum, and we’re here to support you.
Utilize all of the resources available to learn each week. The video lectures also come in audio version, supplementary text, additional reading, and downloadable templates and are all included. This should help make the process easier to put into action for each tactic.
Always be asking questions. We have a weekly group coaching session that exclusively covers Q&A on a specific module. Asking questions helps us understand what might need to be improved upon or added to future versions of the course.
Your completed course should be a reference for the future. All participants have lifetime access to the course and our hope is that you can look back and find value (or a new perspective) as your social media evolves.


Week  01.

Setting Goals and Audience Targeting

Build a social media plan that fits with your other marketing activities:

  • Goals
  • Building Customer Profiles
  • Creating Content for each Profile
  • The importance of a good website and landing pages

Week  02.

Building your Social Brand Guidelines

Best practices for creating social media content, optimizing profiles and creating a brand:

  • Our signature video format for organic and paid
  • Get creative – how to create amazing content

Week  03.

Planning your Social Media Activity

Choosing what platforms, frequency, and calendar.

  • Comparing top social media platforms (and leveraging other sites)
  • Creating different themes for your posts (that relate to your products/services/promotions)
  • Scheduling frequency and calendar builder

Week  04.

Management & Engagement

Making your life easier by scheduling your posts and using automation.

  • Using tools so your social media doesn’t feel like work
  • Knowing what activity makes your profile stand out 
  • Spending time where you’re growing

Week  05.

Resources and Tools

The basics will get your profile ahead of your competition… but the extras will build your authority and grow your business.

  • Advertising
  • Live
  • Stories

Module Format

Each Week:

  •  Additional Readings
  •  Background
  •  Resources
  •  Tools
  •  Examples

Each module is designed to be bite-size; a fully developed topic that is easy to reference in the future and consumed as video, audio or text. Wherever possible, we’ve created cheat sheets, templates, and worksheets to help speed up your processes.

The Super Social Media course serves two purposes:


Be a resource to create and manage a great social media strategy for your business.


Be a training resource for our own team that manages client accounts.

Whether you’re a student or a new team member, welcome! Your access to this course is available forever, and as a resource to you, it will be updated periodically with the best practices we’re using.

Complimentary with this course are the rest of the super social media tools:

  • Weekly Q&A
  • Group Coaching Sessions
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Professional Social Media Management

Get  ready

The course is available now!

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